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Explain the heat insulation function of the sun panel in detail

The sunlight board has the function of heat insulation, which will not cause the indoor temperature to be too high. The heat insulation function of the solar panel is very good, which is one of the reasons why the application range of the solar panel is very wide. The following small series of Hangzhou sunshine panel manufacturers will explain in detail the heat insulation function of the sun plate.



The insulation effect of polycarbonate solar panels is obvious to everyone, so as the summer sun intensifies, the temperature of the solar room will gradually increase. The editor summed up how to effectively solve the problem of heat insulation of sunlight board. You need to pay attention to these issues. If you want to insulate, you can use dark PC sun board, which has a good insulation effect. If conditions permit, you can add other shielding on the PC sunshine board. Even if the same transparent panel is used, good insulation effect can be obtained. In addition, when the color is fixed, the number of structural layers on the thickened panel (such as the four layer structure of PC sunshine panel) can provide excellent sound insulation effect.

Several problems need to be paid attention to in the actual installation process of sunlight plate. In practical use, multi-layer solar panels still show many characteristics, and in some cases the demand is still great. It needs to be fixed during installation and build. At the same time, the UV surface of the solar panel should face the sun. In addition, the protective film on the surface of the solar panel should not be damaged during installation, but should be removed after installation. Attention must be paid to the depth of embedment, and sufficient expansion space should be reserved at the joint of polycarbonate sunshine panel. If it is necessary to reduce the size of PC sun board, it is necessary to fix the plate to avoid vibration during cutting, and the cutting tool should use power tools to ensure the accuracy and quality of cutting. It is enough to notice some problems in general construction.

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