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New energy saving daylighting board used in architectural decoration

Now, with the widespread use of new energy-saving materials in construction and decoration, the concept of its construction planning is to intercept the omnipresent light, and to reflect the existence of light in specific occasions; In the planning of many non thermal insulation workshops and large and medium-sized warehouses, Hangzhou daylighting board and anticorrosive board are often used for decoration effect. The main components of FRP daylighting board are: film, reinforced polyester, glass fiber and other materials, which are widely used in industrial, civil, building roof, commercial wall and other areas with lighting and long-term requirements; It can be arranged evenly and laxly according to the lighting demand.



At present, the domestic planning mostly adopts the method of building planning first and then structural planning. In the construction planning, in order to consider the construction of daylighting, many daylighting windows are set on the wall. In China's light steel structure construction profession, the use of roof FRP daylighting plate can reduce the number of window openings on the wall, and effectively ensure that the construction of daylighting does not damage the line of the wall panel; The so-called natural lighting area refers to the indoor application area of natural light; the construction of light conduit system is mainly divided into three parts, one is the daylighting part; the second is the light guiding part, and the third is the astigmatism part. In order to make the indoor light evenly distributed, the bottom of the system is equipped with astigmatism parts, which can avoid the occurrence of glare.

In the complete embodiment of the characteristics of the building itself, the construction and decoration planning can achieve the same method and content, accurately recognize the shape and the share of each part, and reasonably select the data and structure; the use of FRP daylighting board can make the joints of the project airtight, waterproof and shock absorption, and the wall joints on the lighting board can be directly bonded and sealed with single-sided aluminum foil tape; The single-sided aluminum foil tape is used to directly bond and seal the joint between the lighting board and the wall; now, in industrial construction, there is a greater freedom of boundary, more participation in softening the color pattern, conforming to the space method of human psychology, surrounding function, detailed component setting, natural formation of solid volume and shape processing structure beauty; Select simple, wonderful structure to meet the strict requirements of mechanical specifications!

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