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Discussion on the special requirements of PC daylighting board as daylighting material in Greenhouse

Because of the high light transmittance, light weight, non broken safety, good thermal insulation and other characteristics. Daylighting panels in Hangzhou are widely used as daylighting materials in agricultural greenhouses. However, as a greenhouse lighting material, it also has some special requirements.



One is because the growth of crops is inseparable from the photosynthetic effect, so the higher the transmittance of greenhouse lighting materials, the better, but the transmittance of PC panel made of recycled materials is very poor.

Secondly, because of the temperature difference between the surface and the interior of the greenhouse, there will be fog on the surface and inside of the PC board. This not only reduces the light transmittance, but also condenses the water mist into water droplets, which fall on the cultivated plants and form plants. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out anti dripping treatment on the front and back of the printed circuit board. At present, the domestic anti dripping PC board manufacturers have chosen to coat a layer of anti dripping agent on the front and back of ordinary PC board. The so-called anti dripping agent is actually a surface treatment agent. It reduces the surface tension of water and produces fog directly without forming fog. After all, there will be a thin layer on the surface of the substrate. The water layer flows along the surface of the circuit board into the drain (usually, the circuit board device will deform).

At present, there are two kinds of anti dripping agents used by domestic PCB manufacturers. One is water-soluble anti dripping agent used by most domestic manufacturers, and the other is alcohol soluble. The former is soluble in water, while the other is insoluble in water, so the difference between the two agents is clear at a glance, and the application effect and service life of the former is obviously weaker than that of the latter. In addition, because it is coated with anti dripping agent, its strength on the printed circuit board is not high, so the ordinary protective film can not be used, but a specially designed special protective film is needed. If the protective film is removed, many treatment agents will adhere and the application effect will be reduced. At present, domestic manufacturers of protective film can not produce this kind of protective film and can only rely on import. Therefore, its price is much higher than that of Japan's general protective film.

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