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The waterproof tape should be used correctly when installing the sunlight board

The self adhesive tape of the sun board is designed to protect the edge of the sheet temporarily, and it can not be used for a long time due to its poor aging resistance. When installing Hangzhou sunshine board, the following aspects should be paid special attention to when using waterproof tape:



1. After the sunlight plate is cut according to the specification, the special engineering tape must be selected to seal the plate end hole according to the installation technical specification, and replace the original tape.

2. The sealant in contact with the sunlight plate must be a neutral silicone copper adhesive. It is forbidden to use alkaline, acidic or solvent containing sealants with unknown chemical composition. Avoid direct contact with chemical solvents, solutions and volatile gases. If a thin coating is used to spray the sunshade bracket, the paint must be completely dry before installing the sunshade. It is forbidden to use thin coating to recoat the steel plate of installed sunlight plate.

3. Make sure the paper edge is smooth, all holes are clean, and compressed air is clean and dry.

4. Make sure that the profile and metal cover used to install the sun plate and the U-shaped groove on the end are completely covered with the tape. After installation, the exposed parts will disappear. Then, check the tape for damage before pre installation and rack installation, and if found, replace the tape. The key point here is how to clean the solar panel. When wiping, please wash it with warm water below 60 ° C and use neutral detergent to prevent damage to the solar panel.

5. Wipe the sunshade gently with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral liquid. Do not use rags, brushes, mops and other hard, sharp tools to wipe. If grease, wet paint, tape marks, etc. appear on the surface, please use alcohol to wipe with soft cloth, and then rinse the dirt thoroughly with water.

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