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Brief introduction of this endurance board brittle is what factors affect

We all know that the bending of the endurance board is very good, but do you have this kind of situation, that is, the endurance board that we just bought will break when it bends gently. Do you know what causes this? Today, the editor of Hangzhou endurance board manufacturer will introduce to you what factors affect the brittleness of the endurance board.



1. If the raw material (polycarbonate) is easy to dissolve in the manufacturing process, it means that the temperature of the barrel and its nozzle is too low. Please raise the temperature appropriately.

2. Properly reduce the working pressure and speed ratio of screw pre molding back pressure to promote the loosening of raw materials and reduce the melting of PC endurance plate caused by cutting overheat.

3. If the mold temperature is too low, the water cooling of the plastic will be too early, and the adhesion at the welding joint will be insufficient, especially for the high melting point plastics (such as polymer), it is easy to crack. For raw materials such as carbonic acid, more work needs to be done.

4. This is because the concave core requires the die to have a gentle gradient. If the molding of the core is difficult, the temperature of the cavity must be increased to shorten the water cooling time, otherwise, the temperature of the cavity should be reduced and the water cooling time should be extended.

Raw material problems in the production of endurance board

1. In the production process of endurance board, adding recycled raw materials to processing raw materials, or mixing inappropriate or excessive solvents with other additives, makes the production of endurance board appear fragile.

2. If the material recycling is too frequent or too much material recycling, it will also aggravate the embrittlement of parts.

3. If the quality of the PC durable board material used is not good, for example, the molecular weight distribution is too large or the uneven structure of the composition is too large, the finished product tends to become brittle.

4. Raw materials may be contaminated by other plastics. Otherwise, the additive may be defective or contaminated with dust and impurities. This is also the main source of brittleness.

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