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What are the advantages of PC endurance board products

The advantage of PC durable board is that it is made of high performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or polycarbonate. Characteristics: impact resistance, not fragile: toughened glass, acrylic plate, toughness, security, anti-theft, bulletproof effect is hundreds of times. Hangzhou endurance board is light in material and easy to handle: it weighs only half of glass, saving time and effort in handling and installation, and convenient in construction management. Weatherability and daylighting: it can resist ultraviolet radiation for a long time, and has excellent daylighting effect, which can save a lot of resources and expenses. The modification of PC can resist acid and alkali, and can resist aging only by adding special agent UV.



The following Hangzhou endurance board manufacturers to explain the advantages of PC endurance plate products

1. Impact resistance: the impact force that the endurance board can bear can reach 3kg / cm. The impact strength of PC endurance plate is hundreds of times of ordinary glass, dozens of times of acrylic plate and twice of toughened glass. DANGER. Even if the hammer with a weight of 3 kg falls below 2 m, it will not crack, and is famous for "no broken glass" and "steel".

2. Light transmittance: excellent lighting, high transmittance and transparency comparable to glass. No yellowing or clouding when exposed to sunlight.

3. Weather resistance: the coextrusion layer with UV protection on the surface can prevent the resin from fatigue and yellowing due to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The coextrusion layer on the surface has a chemical bond to absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into visible light, which has an excellent stabilizing effect on Photosynthesis of plants.

4. Flame resistance: the endurance plate itself will not self ignite and will self extinguish. In line with EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety regulations. The ignition point of printed circuit board is 580 ° C, and it will extinguish itself when it is on fire. It will not produce toxic gas and will not promote the spread of fire.

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