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How to deal with the aging problem of PC endurance board

When PC endurance board is used outdoors, it is subject to the natural premise of wind and sun, which can easily accelerate the aging of the board. Solar radiation can promote the formation of the surface netting of the PC endurance board, which has a particularly serious harm to the board. Today, the editor of Hangzhou endurance board manufacturer will introduce how to deal with the aging problem of PC endurance board.



And formed the space for further erosion of water, dust and chemical substances. Therefore, the influence on PC endurance board largely depends on the environmental parameters, such as geographic location, altitude, season and so on.

In addition to selecting high-quality UV and high-quality PC raw materials for high-quality PC endurance boards, the degree of curing is also important. Increasing the curing degree of printed circuit board will increase the hardness and mechanical strength (tensile strength, bending strength, etc.) and make it relatively brittle.

Because the printed circuit board is used outdoors, it needs special treatment for its appearance. This is achieved by the UV co extrusion process often mentioned by Junteng PC board manufacturers.

In many PC endurance boards around the world, plasticizers (also known as softeners) are added to the boards to increase their resistance. Although this material can make PC durable board have excellent flexibility, but the strength can have a significant impact. It floats on the surface of the plate and will separate after a certain period of time. It is a highly carcinogenic substance.

Adding plasticizer (softener) will greatly reduce the aging resistance and life of PC board. It's the same as feeling hungry. Therefore, compared with environmental protection PC board, PC board made of new imported materials and PC board made of recycled materials are gradually eliminated by users.

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