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Why does PC endurance board need UV coating

Polycarbonate is the key production of PC endurance board. PC board can be used in the room, in general, it is used outdoors. It is inevitable to touch the direct sunlight, and there are many ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. Hangzhou endurance board as a light raw material, then its anti-aging effect is also very important, PC board raw material is good, if not UV coating, then the service life of PC plate will be greatly affected.



1. The ultraviolet protective layer can block harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight and prevent the molecular structure of plastics from melting and becoming brittle. For outdoor applications under natural conditions, high concentration of UV coating will damage 5um every year. The PC board which does not maintain UV layer is easy to yellowing and crisp. Therefore, even if a small amount of anti UV material is added to the material, the actual anti-aging effect will not be obtained.

2. Polycarbonate is the raw material of PC board, it can't bear the damage caused by ultraviolet ray, so it must be manufactured together with PC board. You can add a coating. If the printed circuit board is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it will accelerate the air oxidation, catalytic reaction and yellowing speed of printed circuit board, significantly reduce the high quality characteristics of printed circuit board, and shorten the service life of printed circuit board.

3. If the quality of PC board is not good and it is not easy to add UV coating, it will greatly shorten the service life of PC board. The circuit board is very likely to be out of warranty and defective, which is of course related to the raw materials.

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